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MSC Grandiosa: Cruise Ship News Doesn’t Get Much Bigger!

In 2019 brand new cruise ship tonnage will approach a staggering one and a half million - with a colossal 25% of that new tonnage going to MSC Cruises. Therefore, the launch of MSC Grandiosa puts the seal on a bumper year for MSC Cruises, with the new flagship all set to enter service in November.

UK cruisers have already had their appetite’s whetted following the christening of MSC Bellissima in Southampton in March and, when you consider that in the previous year UK passengers took a staggering 2 million cruises, it seems that the future is bright for MSC Grandiosa and her sisters. 

What Can You Do In 8 Hours In Jamaica?

Plenty, is the short answer! Although the trickier question is deciding how, exactly, you might spend your 480 minutes in paradise on your cruise to Jamaica? Will you simply chill in Montego Bay, go thrill-seeking in the interior or drift, ever-so-slowly, down a tropical river on a bamboo raft?