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Before booking your cruise, please check HERE if you are allowed to embark according to your country of residence. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there might be international travel restrictions depending on your cruise destination and your country of residence. 


Travel advice for cruises departing from Venice, from July 24th 2021
In view of the latest decision taken by the Italian Government, please note from July 24th 2021 all Health & Safety checks (including health screening, temperature measurement and the antigen swab test) and check-in procedures (including luggage delivery), will regularly be held in Venice Maritime Station (Cruise Terminal), as per original travel programme; all embarking guests will then be transferred by protected bus to Monfalcone (90 min transfer), where they will board the ship after a quick document check. No Health & Safety checks and check-in will be possible in Monfalcone. At disembarkation in Monfalcone at the end of the cruise, guests will be granted the return transfer to Venice (Cruise Terminal/Airport/Railway Station, as per original travel programme).



The MSC Health & Safety Protocol is in place to protect our guests, crew and the local communities we visit. Find out more about our Health and Safety Protocol here.



Discover as our guests experience a safe and enjoyable

cruise thanks to our Health & Safety protocol


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Find below the most common Frequently Asked Questions related to cancellations, booking changes and our compensation policy


For Frequently Asked Questions related to Health & Safety, please click here


My cruise has been cancelled: which benefits am I entitled to if I book my new cruise onboard any available confirmed itinerary?

MSC Cruises will offer to guests the possibility to reschedule their cruise on the new confirmed programs.


As second option, guests will have the possibility to benefit from our flexible booking conditions allowing them to reschedule their cruise to any future sailing departing before 30th of September 2022.


Finally, if you are not sure about your future cruise date, you will be entitled to receive a future cruise credit voucher.


It is mandatory for all guests to have in place an insurance policy that specifically covers them against COVID-19 related risks, such as cancellation, interruption, repatriation expenses, quarantine, medical assistance and related expenses, as well as hospitalization. This should be in place to cover you from the confirmation of your booking until the end of the cruise or your cruise and flight package.

MSC offers a COVID Protection Plan for all Summer 21 and Winter 21/22 cruises - an insurance policy specifically for the above listed COVID-19 related risks. You can see the policy benefits available by clicking here. This can be added to the cruise at the time of the booking. Alternatively, you may purchase another insurance coverage of your choice provided that the above risks are covered.

The proof of the insurance policy (e.g. certificate, schedule, policy summary) which must be in English, Italian, German, French or Spanish - clearly showing the COVID-19 coverage must be presented at embarkation. Passengers failing to provide this documentation will be denied boarding.

For any additional information please refer to our Contact Center or consult your Travel Agent.

I cancelled my cruise right before MSC Cruises communicated the cancellation decision. Will the compensation packages policy apply?

The compensation packages apply only to the cancelled cruises originated by MSC Cruises in relation with the COVID-19 situation worldwide.

How and when will the Future Cruise Credit note be issued? Will it be sent to me?

You will receive the Future Cruise Credit note for each booking which sailing has been cancelled by MSC Cruises. The vouchers will be emailed directly to you, detailing the relevant booking number and booking conditions.

This voucher can be redeemed until the date stated in your voucher and it will enable you to reschedule the future cruise, for any departure, destination and ship as per its Terms and Conditions.

Vouchers will be sent within one month from the official communication of the cruise cancellation. If you booked through a travel agency, the voucher will be sent directly to the Travel Agent.


What will be the value of the Future Cruise Credit Note?

- For all bookings related to cancelled cruises, MSC Cruises will issue a refund credit note with a value equal to the amount already paid to MSC Cruises, net of refunds, and will include an additional credit for 25% of the original cruise package value.

- For bookings confirmed but not yet paid in full, MSC Cruises will only issue a refund credit note with additional credit for 25% of the original cruise package value granted as a further benefit for the cancelled cruises.



Will the Future Cruise Credit be combinable with any promotion, including special rates and groups?

The Future Cruise Credit functions like a currency so it can be combined with any promotion, or used for confirming a booking as part of a group. For MSC Voyagers Club members, it can also be combined with our MSC Voyages selection departures.

Is it possible to extend the validity of the Future Cruise Credit voucher?

No, the voucher’s validity is non-extendable. It must be redeemed until the date stated in your voucher and it will enable you to reschedule the future cruise, for any departure, destination and ship as per its Terms and Conditions. If not used, the voucher expires.

Can I give my voucher to another person who wants to book ?

The Future Cruise Credit note is related to each specific booking which original sailing has been cancelled by MSC Cruises. It cannot be transferred. For vouchers related to groups, a voucher will be issued and sent to the travel agency.

Can I use the voucher for multiple cruises?

No, the Future Cruise credit can be redeemed only once. If the new booking is cheaper than the original one, you will have the opportunity to add-on prepaid packages (beverage packages, excursions, onboard credit, etc…) and leverage the voucher value for such usage.

Once I decide when to schedule my next cruise, how should I proceed to activate the voucher and book a new cruise?

For redeeming the voucher, you have 2 options:
- If you booked directly with MSC through our Contact Centre or through our consumer website, please call us at 0203 426 3010.
- If you booked through a travel agency, please get in touch directly with your travel agent. Be ready to provide your initial booking number as well as the new cruise date you’ve chosen.

Please consider that MSC Cruises is currently facing a high demand of requests. This might cause a delay in our standard services. We apologize for any inconvenience it may cause and thank you for your patience.

I have already redeemed my voucher for a new cruise which is now cancelled. What happens to it?

For such cases, you will once again be eligible for our Future Cruise Credit programme as highlighted below:
- A new FCC voucher will be issued. Its value will be equal to the payment received by MSC Cruises, net of any refund.

- If you have already redeemed an FCC to the value of 125% the voucher is only valued to the original cruise amount. There will not be an additional 25% credit.


What if I have a Cruise & Fly package booked through MSC Cruises? Will it be included in the voucher value?

Flights will be included as part of the Future Cruise credit note, if booked through MSC Cruises. For example, if the cruise fare is £500, and the flight is £300 guests will receive total Future Cruise credit of £800. For flights and transfers booked independently from MSC Cruises, this must be checked directly with the relevant service provider.

If I was originally traveling with a friend, and at the time of re-booking he/she doesn't want to travel, will he/she get a refund?

The full value of the Future Cruise Credit note will apply to the future booking. MSC will not provide several vouchers related to 1 single original booking.

What is this additional on board credit? How can it be used?

The onboard credit is a benefit which MSC Cruises grants as an additional benefit to its guests for their cancelled cruise. It can be used only once you start your new cruise but cannot be used for the purchase of pre-paid items before the new cruise. If not entirely spent, this onboard credit will be refunded at the end of the new cruise. Find out more about our compensation packages.

What happens if I want to book a more expensive cruise than the voucher value? Or a less expensive cruise?

If the future booking is of higher value than the original one, you will have to pay the difference. If the future booking is of less value than the original one, you will have the opportunity to add-on packages to your future cruise (beverage packages, excursions, etc…) and leverage the voucher value for such usage up until it is fully spent.

Due to the global sanitary situation, are there specific travel conditions which I should be aware of before confirming my cruise?

In addition to the already rigorous attention to hygiene on board our ships, MSC Cruises is taking additional steps to protect our guests and crew, to ensure that you are able to plan your next holiday with us and to travel with confidence before, during and after your cruise: please read all the guidelines highlighted in our Health & Safety Protocol.

What if I am unsure about my new date of cruising?

You can choose your next cruise date when you are ready. The Future Cruise Credit note must be redeemed, and your future cruise booked by 31st January 2021 and can be applied to any sailing departing on or before December 31, 2021. The Future Cruise Credit is non-transferable, non-refundable.

What happens to purchased pre-cruise items on a sailing that is now cancelled (ex. Shore excursions, spa, drink packages, etc.)?

If you booked your pre-paid items directly through the website or through our contact center, the entire amount paid with credit card will be refunded on the original form of payment. The amount refunded will not be included in the Future Cruise voucher. Please note that exceptions may apply by country. If your booking was made through a Travel Agency, please contact your travel agent.

What is your Health & Safety protocol?

The MSC Cruises family of guests and crew is at the centre of everything we do, and your health and safety are of utmost importance to us. Along with leading international experts in the field of Medicine, Public Health and related scientific disciplines we developed our new guidelines to protect the health and safety of our guests, crew and the local communities we visit before, during and after your cruise. Discover more about our Health & Safety protocol.